28 June 2022


55,000 booked for allowing unlicensed individuals to drive their vehicles

CHUKAI: A total of 55,000 vehicle owners were found to have allowed unlicensed individuals to drive their vehicles between January and May this year.

Road transport department (JPJ) deputy director-general (planning and operations) Aedy Fadly Ramli said most of the offences involved family members, especially parents who allowed their children, including minors, to drive without a licence for various reasons.

“Based on JPJ’s latest observations and analysis, there has been no significant change in attitude and responsibility among vehicle owners on the matter in the last four years,” he told reporters after a JPJ operation in Kijal last night.

Aedy added that this was evident based on the fact that about 292,000 vehicle owners were found to have allowed individuals without a licence to drive their vehicles from January 2019 to December 2021.

He then called for the public to take the matter seriously as those who committed the offence can be prosecuted under Section 26 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which provides for a fine not exceeding RM3,000 or imprisonment of up to three months or both.

“Besides that, JPJ can also seize their vehicles under Section 64(1) of the same Act,” he said.

Source: Bernama Photo Credit: Bernama
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