22 January 2024


Electronic driving test system to proceed with five driving institutes under the pilot phase, says JPJ

PETALING JAYA: The electronic driving test system is currently in the pilot phase involving five driving institutes, says the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

The JPJ said its implementation is going according to the plan that has been


“Full implementation of the system is subject to the policy and direction from the Transport Ministry,” the JPJ told The Star on Tuesday (Nov 7).

There are, however, no plans to make the system mandatory for all driving institute.

Malaysian Driving Institute Association president Mat Aris Bakar said the system will see the performance assessment of driving test candidates on the test circuit conducted electronically.

“This includes the slope test, three-point turn, reverse parking, parallel parking, the Z-course, S-course and so on.

“The process will be assisted electronically via cameras and sensors.

“It is expected to be implemented in phases by year-end involving several driving institutes,” he said when contacted on Tuesday (Nov 7).

Mat Aris said the electronic driving test system would eliminate claims of unethical practices.

“It is a fairer system and can help in producing candidates who are truly competent and not those who passed the test because they were assisted or because of corruption,” he said.

Mat Aris added that the system will also speed up the testing process, where results can be obtained faster.

“It is a high-capacity system and is expected to increase the image of driving institutes and the JPJ,” he said.

Source: The Star Photo Credit: The Star
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