License Class DA

Automatic License

Learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone for many people, automatic driving lesson are better option. Maybe you have had a driving lesson in manual car before and found it too difficult, or maybe you have a disability that stands in the way of changing gears. If you recognised yourself in one of these scenarios, taking an automatic test could be a better choice.

As there is no clucth pedal, an automatic car may be easier to drive especially on more congested city roads and if you having difficulties managing the gears in manual car, you may find that taking automatic driving lessons is a faster route to your license. Some people just prefer automatic transmissions for city driving as busy traffic means more frequent gear changes for manual drivers.


Quicker, safer & easier to Learn.

No fear of losing concentration on clutch pedal and gear changing.

Automatic transmission cars are more suitable for driving in cities (Heavy traffics).

Drive in comfort & confidence. Competent drivers ensures safety on the road.

Process Of Obtaining Driving License



Category Fee (RM)
KPP-1 318.00
KPP-2 392.20
KPP-3 742.00
PRE-TEST (QTI) 159.00
JPJ TEST 190.80
Total RM1802.00
Term and conditions for new prices:
The PDL license is not included in the price D, DA, B, and B2


  1. Age must be 17 years old and above
  2. The applicants must be healthy

Required Document

  1. Identification Card (Photocopy)
  2. Photo with white background
**Please make sure your IC chip is working

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