License Class B

Motor Cycle Exceeding 500 CC

A superbike is generally taken as meaning any high performance machine of around >500cc capacity. Requirement for this courses at least 16 years old. Bike beginners initiate cool characters with comprehensive motorcycle license courses, enabling striving riders to meander through highways and middle-earth continents legally.

With provided learning materials, participants sit through five hours of theory lectures and other classes before executing practical training for probation licenses. Upon completing flawless driving around orange cones and mini hills, students will receive competent driving license.


Superbike License (BFull) applicable for both Motorcycle (B2) and Superbike (BFull) 2 in 1 license

For the inexperienced rider, riding lessons will commence with lower cc motorcycle (B2)

The Qualified Age for Motorbike License, Motorcycle (B2) or Superbike B (BFull) is 16 years old & above

Process Of Obtaining Driving License



Category Fee (RM)
KPP-1 265.00
KPP-2 190.80
KPP-3 127.20
PRE TEST (QTI) 106.00
JPJ TEST 159.00
Total RM848.00
Term and conditions for new prices:
The PDL license is not included in the price D, DA, B, and B2


  1. Age must be 16 years old and above
  2. b)The applicants must be healthy, have clear vision up to 23 meters and must not be color blind

Required Document

  1. Identification Card (Photocopy)
  2. Photo with white background
**Please make sure your IC chip is working

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A superbike is generally taken as meaning any high performance machine of around >500cc capacit...

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